About Us

Australiandigitalradio.com.au, is, well 1 person me ,Ron Sherry. Im a 30 year collector of Australian valve/tube radios, i celebrate early valve technology,Bakelite, and classic Australian manufacture.With this in mind my radios are built to a standard  that takes in the "way things were, the way we thought and the effort we went to , to make radios that had beautiful curves,style and function for our beautiful country, 

When you buy from me you buy into our manufacturing past, your buying exact replicas of the fabulous 40s , but with the latest technology, made properly not cheaply as unfortunately we're all used to now

And finally your supporting an Aussie initiative , when you buy from ADR you are buying quality radio pieces that will give you joy every time you admire them.  In a new century of smart phones and a busy world, why not sit back and "turn on the wireless"